Meal Planning + Free Weekly Meal & Movement Planner Template

Meal Planning + Free Weekly Meal & Movement Planner Template

So, if you've read the blog post on the Move Foods journey, you'll know that one of the key reasons Move Foods was created was to help busy people get the most out of their days. Another little hack you can use to make the most of your time is meal planning. I know, I know, it seems like a lot of hassle. But I tell you, if you can spare 30mins at the start of each week to write a bit of a plan and shopping list, you reap the rewards for the rest of the week. I've made it a little easier and shared a template you can use to put in your meals and your movement for the week (find it at the bottom of this post). Plus you can just throw in some Smoothie Blends and that's a few meals basically done (very unsubtle hint).

I got into meal planning a couple of years ago and have found it a really useful tool as it sets me up for the week, keeps me on track, and most of all saves me from the evening rigmarole of 'what should we have for dinner?' or not having the right ingredients. Usually on Sunday, I'll write up my plan, put together the shopping list and do my shopping online to pick up on my way home from work on Monday. Putting your planned exercise in there two is another helpful hint to keep you accountable for getting your daily movement in (aim for 30 mins).

I'm writing this during COVID lockdown 6.0 and I'm still meal planning, not because I am particularly busy, more so to give some structure and routine to me week.

Just a little tool that I thought might work for you, busy people :)

Click on the image, save and print to use this meal planner.

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