The Journey to Move Foods

Smoothie Blends

Hi! I'm Dom and I am the founder of Move Foods and I am so excited to take you on this journey with me. As we're only a couple of weeks away from launching our first products, Smoothie Blends, I thought I'd share a bit of background on how Move Foods came to be and how it has helped me tackle a problem I was faced with.

You see, it all began because I like to workout in the morning's, usually before heading straight into the office. I'm 100% a morning person and moving at the start of the day just puts me in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day. But, I found that if I wasn't organised the night before and prepared my breakfast ahead of time to grab-and-go, or I left my breakfast at home (both of these things happened often), it was really difficult to find a breakfast option that was easy to eat on the run, as well as being nutritous and great tasting. Yes, I could grab a coffee and a muffin from the local cafe, but that wasn't what I felt like after a workout.

Smoothies were often my go-to as it was super easy to sip in the car between the gym and work. But still, it relied on me being organised ahead of time. This is where the idea for Smoothie Blends came in. My thinking was, what if I could take away the need for the food prep, the blending (let's not even talk about how much it sucks to clean a blender properly) and the mess but have all of the ingredients ready to go. I tested A LOT of different formats, eventually landing on the whole food paste mix, as it meant that I could take it with me, add it to my shaker with some nut mylk, shake it and ta-da! A real food smoothie on the go! The paste format meant it had the smooth, thick consistency you would expect from a fresh smoothie, unlike other powder formats, without any blending required!

After speaking with friends and family, I realised this was a problem that other busy people faced too. I remember a fried of mine who was a full-time working mum telling me her breakfast usually consisted of a scoop of protein powder mixed in some water as she ran out the door because she simply didn't have time to make something for herself and get out the door in time.

So, I worked with some talented people (a food technologist, a nutritionist and a packaging specialist just to name a few) to turn my little idea into the product it is today! A real, whole food Smoothie Blend, made from real fruits, nuts, seeds, protein and superfood ingredients. Filled with the good stuff, and without artificial colours and flavours.

It's been a journey and it certainly didn't happen overnight (we're now 2.5 years later...) but after lots of testing, tasting, and doing it all over again, we're about to launch our first range!!! And I have to say, it's pretty cool to be able to look back on the journey to date and think how this little idea has turned into a product that can help other people like me in some small way, to get the most out of their busy days. 

There's a whole lot more to Move Foods, including our mission to inspire more people to get involved in sports and physical exercise, but i'll share that at another time.

For now, I hope you enjoy Move Foods Smoothie Blends, as much as I've enjoyed making them for you!


Founder, Move Foods

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