Why Move Foods? The purpose behind the brand.

Why Move Foods? The purpose behind the brand.

What does Move Foods mean? Coming up with the name for the brand wasn't a difficult one because from the beginning, we set out with a clear purpose in mind. The name ties into our three core pillars that make up what Move Foods does and what we hope to achieve. These are:

1. To provide food that enables you to move, using real food and whole ingredients. We believe food should be about celebrating what your body can do, however you choose to move.

2. To provide food that can be consumed on the move, minimise food prep time, make it easy to consume on the move for busy people.

3. Use our profits and platform to inspire and support the communities in which we operate to get involved in sport and physical exercise, with the goal of creating healthier, more active communities from the inside out. We give back 10% of our profits to community groups and organisations that help to get more people moving.

You can read more about our purpose here. But for now, know that when you shop with Move Foods, you're not only fuelling your body with convenient, real, whole foods, but you're also helping to create collective energy for change and getting more people moving! We think that's pretty cool.

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