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The Starter Kit is a great way to get started with Smoothie Blends and try each of the flavours plus a stainless steel double-wall insulated shaker to mix and sip your smoothie on-the-move. Each Smoothie Blend makes a 450ml smoothie when mixed with 1 cup (250ml) liquid.

2 x Mango and Passionfruit Smoothie Blend (Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No Added Sugar)

Made with whole mango, banana, passionfruit, coconut and cashews, this Smoothie Blend is like a tropical vacay in a cup! A refreshing and energising on-the-go breakfast or afternoon snack.

Ingredients: Mango (45%), banana (25%), coconut cream (11%), cashews (8%), lemon juice concentrate, preservative (potassium sorbate), natural colour (annatto).

2 x Blueberry Pie + Collagen Smoothie Blend (Dairy Free, No Added Sugar)

Made with whole blueberries, banana, coconut, dates, oats, cashews and cinnamon, this Smoothie Blend is like sipping on dessert (with no added sugar). But don't be fooled, it's loaded with antioxidants from blueberries + hydrolysed collagen peptides which will have you glowing from the inside, out. Banana and oats provide 8g of natural fibre to support your digestive system and 12g of protein from nuts and collagen to keep you fueled to make the most of your day.

Ingredients: Blueberries (25%), banana (20%), coconut cream (13%), water, dates (13%), cashews (7%), oats (3%), hydrolysed bovine collagen (2%), black currant concentrate, cinnamon, lemon juice concentrate, preservative (potassium sorbate).

2 x Banana and Date 'Salted Caramel' Smoothie Blend (Vegan, Dairy Free, No Added Sugar)

Made with whole bananas, dates, cashews, oats, a pinch of cinnamon and himalayan salt. This Smoothie Blend is our take on a 'salted caramel' flavour with no added sugar. It's filled with whole foods and 7g of fibre for digestive support and a source of natural plant-protein to power up your day. 

Ingredients: Bananas (46%), water, dates (16%), cashews (6%), oats (3%), lemon juice concentrate, himalayan salt (0.5%), cinnamon (0.25%), preservative (potassium sorbate).

1 x Stainless Steel Double-Wall Insulated Shaker

Our Move Foods shakers will help you mix and enjoy our Smoothie Blends on-the-move while keeping them cold with double-wall insulation. Our shakers hold liquid up to 500ml.

HOW TO USE: Rip, Pour, Shake to Make!

1. Add one cup of your chosen liquid to a shaker.

2. Squeeze contents of the Smoothie Blend into your shaker with the liquid.

3. Shake for 30 seconds or until mixed.

No blender. No food prep. No mess.


Smoothie Blends have a 6 month shelf life from production date and do not require refrigeration. This means you can have on hand in the cupboard, in your gym bag, adventure pack or desk draw for whenever you need them. We recommend chilling your Smoothie Blend before use or mixing with cold liquid to ensure a nice, cold smoothie.

 Made in a facility that also processes Gluten, Soy, Milk, Egg, Sesame Seeds, and Fish. 

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